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Marine Digital Media Receiver


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Safe & Sound Way to Rock the Boat

Hideaway source unit for installation flexibility

Clarion’s CMS5 is the ultimate media hub that was developed to enhance the user interface and audio experience. The essentials including Bluetooth®, Dual 2.1A USB ports, Dedicated Rear Camera RCA Input, Marine Dual Zone, Source Volume Control and AM/FM/Weather Band Tuner are built in, and with a wide variety of connections including USB you can easily create a system that can be customized to your exact needs.

Superior expandability to create your ideal system

The CMS5 was designed to offer maximum weather protection combined with maximum enjoyment of today's audio sources. It's made to connect with Bluetooth compatible devices, Dual 2.1A USB Ports, smartphone interface, AUX Input RCA's, and more. Attach what you like and create a custom system; whatever music sources you enjoy.

Easy-selection menu screen

Accessing the functions or sources you want is quick and easy with the intuitive menu screen. Just browse left and right through your available choices and select to activate. Icon graphics make it easy to recognise the selections at a glance.

Dual USB rear connectors

With two USB pigtails, it’s easy to connect a variety of sources. In addition to smartphone you can also play music files stored on a USB memory device or portable audio player. The ability to keep two devices connected at the same time means there’s no need to disconnect and reconnect each time you want to change your external source.

Smartphone connectivity for seamless enjoyment of your favourite music

If you’re an owner of smartphone, you’ll be happy to know that the music stored on it can be enjoyed on your boat’s audio system, just like on land.

Bluetooth for hands-free communication and stereo audio streaming

Built-in Bluetooth provides hands-free voice communication, compatible with a wide variety of mobile phones. A built-in microphone let you talk and sail at the same time. Play music stored on any Bluetooth device, whether it's a mobile phone or a portable audio player, with wireless convenience.

Dual zone source / volume control

With this function, it is possible to split your boat into two discrete zones to enjoy different sources of entertainment. For instance, the fore can be tuned in to a radio station while the aft can be dancing to tunes from a smart device. Volume levels can be individually controlled so you can have a party going at full blast while keeping an ear on weather information up front.

Watertight full display controller

With the CMS5 Black Box installed, you can control everything from the wired watertight controller. It's simple robust design maximises reliability. The vibrant color display allows for simple functionality with enhanced durability that can resist the most harmful of elements.



  • Frequency bands : FM/AM/Weather Band
  • FM Tuner with RDS
  • Frequency Range
  • USA 87,9 ~ 107,9MHz (0.2MHz STEP)
  • Europe 87,5 ~ 108,0MHz (0.05MHz STEP)
  • Australia 87,5 ~ 108,0MHz (0.1MHz STEP)
  • AM Tuner with RDS
  • Frequency Range
  • USA 530 ~ 1.710kHz (10kHz STEP)
  • Europe 531 ~ 1.602kHz (9kHz STEP)
  • Europe 531 ~ 1.602kHz (9kHz STEP)
  • Weather Band
  • NOAA Frequency Range : 162,400MHz ~ 162,550MHz
  • Channel 1 : 162,400MHz
  • Channel 2: 162,425MHz
  • Channel 3: 162,450MHz
  • Channel 4 : 162,475MHz
  • Channel 5 : 162,500MHz
  • Channel 6: 162,525MHz
  • Channel 7 : 162,550MHz


  • Maximum Power Output : 50W x 4
  • Rated Power Output : 21W x 4 (CEA2006) 1% THD, 1 kHz @ 14.4V
  • High Pass Filter (Front/Rear) : 70/105/140/THROUGH (Speaker and RCA)
  • Low Pass Filer (Subwoofer) : 50/75/100/THROUGH
  • BASS Control : 50Hz Frequency, +14dB ~ -14dB
  • MID Control : 1k Frequency, +14dB ~ -14dB
  • TREBLE Control : 12kHz Frequency, +12dB ~ -12dB


  • Black Box Dimensions (W × H × D) (Inches) : 8 × 7 × 2
  • Black Box Dimensions (W × H × D) (mm) : 203,2 × 177,8 × 50,8
  • Watertight Controller (W × H × D) (Approx Inches) : 6 × 4 × 1
  • Watertight Controller (W × H × D) (Approx mm) : 152,4 × 101,6 × 25,4
  • Power consumption: less than : 5,5mA when ACC=OFF
  • Speaker impedance : 4 ohm ~ 8 ohm
  • Ingress Protection (IP) Rating:
  •    Black Box : IP66
  •    Controller : IP67
  •    Connectors : IP67
  • ASTM B117 (Salt/Fog Exposure)=Black Box and Controller
  • ASTM D4329 (UV Exposure)=Black Box and Controller
  • SAE J1939 Specifications:
  •    Broadcast Type : Open @ 29-Bit
  •    Bandwidth : 500Kb/s
  •    Clock : 1MB/s
  •    Connector : 9-pin, IP67
  • Display
  • LCD : 4,3” Optically Bonded Color
  •    Resolution : 480 x 272
  •    Luminance : 650 NITS

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